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NJA recognizes individuals who are dedicated to justice at all levels, who give selflessly to their community, family and professions.

Other Benefits

By becoming a member you have the opportunity to do more than others can in your field:

  • learn to better impact your community
  • travel
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  • compare strategies with others
  • learn new best practices
  • stay plugged in to efforts nationwide
  • continue your education
  • meet like-minded peers
  • further develop leadership skills
  • further judicial efforts
  • make a difference
  • & many more...
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Hear from great judges around the nation who are helping make a difference? See why they are involved in National Judges Association.


“In thinking through what has helped me become a better judge over last 15 years, one of my first thoughts is the National Judges Association.  The members have a common goal of making society better through our role on the bench, while dispensing justice fairly, impartially, efficiently and in accordance with the law.  We are making a difference in the American justice system, through our membership in NJA.” – Bill Sutton

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