43rd Annual Conference

July 7-12, 2024
Burlington VT

All officers, representatives
and committee chairs

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NJA provides scholarships for limited jurisdiction judges which may be used toward the National Judicial College, The American Academy of Judicial Education at the University of Mississippi, or to the Annual Education Conference of the NJA.

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Who We Are

NJA has an exceptional, long-standing reputation in serving to better the legal system nationwide. We are a network of judges across the nation offering premier education, judicial networking and support for colleagues. We serve both rural and metropolitan areas, providing the best education while sharing our exceptional experience.

NJA Pledge Historical Growth

Historical Growth

Founded in 1979 to better non-attorney judges, we have vastly expanded our services. Our outreach now expands to all judges and court personnel for further impact nationwide.

NJA offers numerous education opportunities throughout the year in addition to our annual conference to continue improving the justice system.

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